UGREEN Announces Its Next-Generation Network Attached Storage Devices into International Market at CES 2024

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ugreen, a leading brand in consumer electronics, is announcing a new collaboration with Intel during the unveiling of the new UGREEN NASync Network Attached Storage devices on the first day of 2024 CES. This development signifies a substantial leap forward. Empowered by Intel? processors, the new product lineup come with storage efficiency, and automated smart decision-making ability. With AI becoming more integrated into daily life, UGREEN and Intel are collaborating on more easy-to-use features, making daily work and life more convenient.

"With technology shifting more and more towards AI integration and related capabilities, we made the conscious decision to collaborate with a well-known, experienced institution to integrate these functions into our upcoming products," states UGREEN general manager Evan Li. "We hope to introduce more customers to mere fractions of smart AI capabilities with the release of our NASync devices."

More known for its revolutionary charging and accessories, UGREEN has made strides into the alternative energy source industry with the recent release of the PowerRoam Portable Power Station. Catapulting from that success, the is meant to culminate Intel technical and hardware expertise in cloud computing and PC components, with UGREEN's extensive knowledge in HDD and SSD storage solutions.

"Intel has a complete and mature solution system in the NAS field," states UGREEN product manager, Kris Wei, when asked about the collaboration. "From entry-level needs to commercial fields, Intel provides key main control chips that make them the ideal first choice for cooperation."

The collaborative efforts have already begun to bare fruit, as UGREEN's product definition has incorporated many innovative designs in the consumer NAS field. Breakthroughs in areas like 8K video output, AI model computing power maximization and application are some examples of the practical benefits that have come from the team up. For more information on the UGREEN NASync series, please visit,

About Intel

Founded in 1968, Intel is a multinational company and one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers. They supply various components for computer systems, with client computing accounting for over 50% of their revenue, and are most associated with the x86 architecture.


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